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Company Profile

Since 1995, Tao Computing Solutions provides top software solutions matching the precise needs of computer technicians and end-users.

Tao developed the ExDOS platform as a unique and simple software solution for the increasing incompatibility between gapping computer technologies and architectures, designed to perform with a minimal usage of resources while maintaining optimal hardware and software performance.

Tao ExDOS products were installed over seven years in thousands of diverse businesses and organizations around the globe, on thinnest clients and heaviest servers.

Through the Tao ExDOS product family we expanded our solutions to match years of gathered feedbacks from hundreds of our contractors and thousands of their end-user clients. The use for Tao ExDOS is massive and includes most of the market segments.

We designed Tao ExDOS usage to be as simple and automatic as possible for the end-user, with full administrative access for manual configuration and optimization.

Today Tao ExDOS is the best and most comprehensive solution for DOS users in the world - a market niche estimated at 25-35 million users - our current goal.

The main advantages in using Tao ExDOS solutions on advanced operating systems:

- Older operating systems are no longer supported by hardware and software manufacturers.
- Preferences of old, familiar and stable application upon new and unproven solutions.
- Upgrading a specific business application usually requires a very long period of development and assimilation.
- Incompatibility between new applications and old databases or vice versa.
- Users productivity drops critically due to unfamiliar Windows applications or interface.
- Machinery operation and communication controlled by DOS applications.
- No Windows substitute is available for the DOS application.
- Upgrading specific applications is very expensive, and in many cases is not cost effective.

Customer Segments:

Government - Main Offices, Municipal authorities, City Halls, Public services councils, Government companies.
Health - National Health services, Hospitals, Clinics, Laboratories, Doctors.
Finance - Banks, Stock market authority, Accounting services, ATM manufacturers, Cash registers, Cash Exchange providers.
Insurance - Companies, Agents.
Factories - Heavy machinery, Textile, Electronics, Metal works, Food, Medical industry, Material industry.
Transportation - Public transport, Airlines - ticketing / accounting, Car importers, Car rentals, Car shops (machinery).
Food Industry - Food chains, Groceries.
Service providers - Lawyer firms, Tax Consultants, Accountants.
And many more...

Tao seeks cooperation with global marketers and computer services providers for enterprise end users.

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